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Environmentally Friendly

Along with BearFoot Kayaks' organizational initiatives, you are contributing to environmental sustainability through your rental. You can feel good knowing that kayaking takes muscle power, not engines or chemicals. Connect with nature while being a part of it and enjoy the quiet and wildness that kayaking the Trent River has to offer.

               BearFoot Kayaks (BFK) started with a dream of getting people connected to the environment and taking care of communities. Stephanie, the owner of BFK, has years of experience in environmental initiatives and regulations, working for the federal government in environmental programs. Having a Masters in Environmental Policy, and continued Doctoral work in Environmental Sustainability, she has continued to shape the business, and encourage others, towards a sustainable future.

What We're Doing for the Environment
- Boats and equipment are rinsed off using water then washed with environmentally friendly cleaners.
- Equipment and trailer are towed to locations within 10 miles of staging, using an energy efficient, hybrid vehicle.
- BearFoot Kayaks purchases carbon credits, to offset the business' carbon footprint (
- Filtered water provided to kayakers in biodegradable cups, created using renewable resources, reducing plastic waste. ( : GreenLabel Cups)
- Waivers and Rental agreements are printed on recycled paper and with a printer equipped with refillable ink cartridges.
- BFK engages in a thorough recycling and re-use program. Any waste products are handled responsibly.
- Electricity for the office of BearFoot Kayaks is sourced from renewable energy (


A Community Partner

BearFoot Kayaks seeks to be a partner in the community through supporting local initiatives. Any local non-profit with a mission in human welfare, animal welfare, or environmental sustainability will receive our support and a significant discount for individual events.

*Limit of 1 event per year to qualified non-profits. Event support and BFK availability will be BFK schedule-dependent. Discount will vary based on the boats requested for the event.

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